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The "Curiosity Factor" 
Keynote Experience

Curiosity killed the... cat!  Or did it!?


Starting with the PROBLEM!

Not believing in oneself

Blaming  Others




Fear of Failure

Fear of Success

Imposture Syndrome

Automatic Negative Thoughts

Bad Beliefs & Behaviors

Low self-esteem

Lack of self-confidence much more!

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Awareness for
SOULutions & SOULving

Curiosity killed the cat!    Did it!?

The problem with this statement is:

Do we really know if the cat died by being curious?


Did the cat create possibilities and opportunities?

You MUST adopt a new mindset.

You need an "Curious" mindset.

Change your perception to embrace INNOVATING for EVOVLING by welcoming changes in your life.

​Loving yourself, so others can love you the way you should be loved.

Curiosity is the cultivator of opportunities & possibilities. 

Let's talk OUTCOMES!

The "Curiosity Factor" 

Keynote Experience will...

Set the tone for the audience members to cultivate the “Curiosity Factor" throughout the event. 

Energize and equip the audience members to take active action. 

Emphasize the "Curiosity Factor" mindset as the name of the game to create a glorious life. 


Renew your passion and ability to think big and boldly while banishing bad beliefs. 


Encourage better communication with yourself and others. 

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You will learn
how to:

Turn problems into possibilities.

Flip the script, it is opportunities.

not obstacles.

Go from pain to purpose. 

Stop struggling to succeed in life.

Discover your super power

and it is not what you think.

(Hint: it is close to home.)

Stop controlling everything

and allow life to be.

Understand life is happening for you not to you. 

Request Cindy to be part of your next event. 

Your audience will be inspired and transformed to take actions to improve their lives. And ultimately live their GLORIOUS LIFE. 



Stomping OUT the "Stigma" of Mental Health



Stomp Ranting & Start Living!

Mental Fitness Bootcamp

It is time we take brain health and mental wellness seriously

Mental Health Crisis, rings out loud and clear through every media source. 

Mental Health issues were at an all time high in 2019 before the pandeimc.  Since the begining of the pandemic, March 2020, mental health issues are off the charts, the numbers are staggering nationwide and globally. 


Cindy is dedicating her life's work to creating a new movement "Stomp OUT the Stigma"

The "STIGMA" is crippling our ability to talk openly about our mental well-being. 

This MUST stop!  We MUST give ourselves permission to talk about our mental well-being.  We must take a proactive approach individually to be responsible for our own mental health.

Cindy Saylor is speaking out on Mental Wellness by presenting here #1 requested speech and program

"You Got ANTs... and not what you think, (Automatic Negative Thoughts) at events, conferences, in the board room, at staff meetings and educational workshops.  


She has and is assisting individuals and business owners to thrive in life by embracing wellness through the lens of brain health and mental awareness.

With all the talk about the Mental Health Crisis.  What are you doing to secure a Mental Wellnes Program for you, your family, your communities and within your business?

Time to take active action!


Virtual Live Events and Summits

In-person Live Conferences & Retreats

Specialty Workshops and Panel Discussions.

Podcast Interviews & Facebook Group Lives


#stompoutthestigma #presenterwithapurpose

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"Believing in yourself is truly what the journey of life is all about.

A personal connection to your  inner spirit is truly a Devine relationship to experience." 

Official Bio for Cindy Saylor

Cindy Saylor is the Founder and CVO (Chief Visionary Officer) of SaylorsJourney, a personal & professional development coaching business, focusing on brain health and mental fitness.  With 30+ years working in the Hospitality Industry with a passion for serving others, Cindy is now utilizing her gift to serve intentionally, purposefully, and spiritually to guide others to achieve greatness professionally and personally to live fulfilled lives.


Overcoming Dyslexia, Cindy shares her stories struggling in life and school, to how she became a Practitioner of Neuro Linguistics, Neuroencoding Specialist, Brain Health Educator and Mental Fitness Coach, Mentor & Professional Speaker.

Cindy is a former Denver Mayors Commissioner advocating for the GLBT community, former President of the LGBT Chamber of Commerce, President of George Sutton Toastmaster Club, Director for BNI Colorado, and currently bringing awareness and encouraging conversation on mental health. She joined forces along with Dr Amen for his movement to STOMP OUT THE STIGMA on Mental Health. Most importantly, she is a loving wife and devoted puppy mama to two rescue pups.  When she is not presenting you will find her on hiking trails with her hubby as they enjoy being in the great outdoors. 

What they are SAYing about Cindy Saylor


Cindy's been honored to have been a speaker at a number of events, and have met some amazing human beings. She is deeply grateful for their willingness to share their experiences. Scroll below and see what a few of them had to say.

When Cindy speaks, the audience listens. Something about her voice and delivery captivates listeners from start to finish. I would recommend Cindy for any speaking opportunity where the goal is for attendees to receive hope and become inspired.


Invite Cindy to Speak at Your Next Event.

Need an Emergency Replacement?  Cindy Saylor enjoys filling-in when podcast and interview hosts suddenly discover their speaker or guest are unavailable.  Send a text message or call Cindy Saylor when an emergency arises and, when scheduling permits, she will happliy fill in the gap.

Speaking Engagement Booking: Cindy's  “Stomp Out the ANTs” program can be delivered to live in-person, virtual, and hybrid settings. She prefers to stay within the U.S. for live events at this time and offers reduced rates for local Colorado nonprofit opportunities.

24-Hour Guaranteed Reply: Contact Cindy using the method that’s most comfortable for you. Cindy replies to all speaking invitations herself, usually in just an hour or two, but certainly within any 24 hour period.

Phone:  720-530-5059 (Send Cindy a text message to see if

she is available for a call or leave a voicemail for prompt reply).

Send her an email or submit your request to schedule a day and time that’s convenient for you to discuss your speaking opportunity with Cindy.


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