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With a Thankful & Grateful Heart - Special Edition WLG Weekly Vol 1 Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving
Wtih A Thankful & Grateful Heart - Special Edition WLG Weekly Vol 1

Welcome to an empowering edition of Women Living Gloriously Weekly!

Today, we're diving into the realms of a Thankful & Grateful Heart, Joyful Gratitude Jamboree, because this year you decide to ditch the drama and to embrace the joy of the holiday season!


Happy Thanksgiving
Family & Friends Gathering

Hey there, my Thanksgiving enthusiasts!

Let's make this Thanksgiving the best yet bursting with joy, creativity, and a whole lot of good vibes.

This isn't your grandma's Thanksgiving blog—no sir! How about cranking up the excitement, turning the fun factor to eleven, and gearing up for a celebration that'll leave you grinning from ear to ear.

Picture this: a Thanksgiving so lively and spirited that Norman Rockwell himself would do a double-take. We're tossing out the rulebook, shaking things up, and bringing you the Joyrful GRatitute Jamboree to make your holiday season not just memorable but downright legendary.

Joyful Gratitude Jamboree – where you will be swapping heartwarming tales, spilling the beans on hilarious family traditions, and proving that laughter is truly the best side dish.

So, buckle up, buttercup! You are about to embark on a Thanksgiving journey that's as thrilling as a rollercoaster ride and as heartwarming as a classic Hallmark movie. Let's make this Thanksgiving the one everyone talks about for years to come!

One thing for sure this holiday season, let's make a pack to ditch the drama!

Stay till the end and you will hear alittle more about my personal story, as your author and personal cheer leader.


"Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough." Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey's quote emphasizes the power of gratitude. It suggests that appreciating what you already have will attract more positivity into your life. Conversely, if you constantly focus on what you lack, you'll never feel satisfied, regardless of what you acquire. The key is to cultivate gratitude for the present, fostering a mindset of abundance.


Joyful Gratitude Jamboree

It is time to get the party started with the "Joyful Gratitude Jamboree" – where you will be swapping heartwarming tales, spilling the beans on hilarious family traditions, and proving that laughter is truly the best side dish.

Welcome to the ultimate feast for the heart and soul – our Joyful Gratitude Jamboree! This topic is your golden ticket to a Thanksgiving celebration that's not just about the turkey and trimmings but about the joy, laughter, and heartwarming moments that make the holiday truly special.

In this delightful corner of our Thanksgiving extravaganza, diving into the wonderful world of shared stories, hilarious family traditions, and the kind of laughter that lingers long after the plates are cleared.

Get ready to swap tales that warm your heart, spill the beans on those quirky family customs that have become the stuff of legend, and discover that, yes, laughter is indeed the best side dish at any Thanksgiving table.

Start sharing stories of friendly family competitions, from epic board game battles to the annual football game that turns the backyard into a battleground. Ever had a Pictionary showdown that left everyone in stitches? We want to hear about it! Share your own tales of Thanksgiving rivalries and triumphs.

Howabout - Thanksgiving mishaps and memories. Burnt turkeys, unexpected food fiascos, and the unpredictable antics of mischievous pets – they're all fair game in our Joyful Gratitude Jamboree. Because sometimes the best stories come from the moments when things don't go as planned.

Take a walk down memory lane with us as we explore Thanksgiving traditions through the ages. From childhood customs that make us nostalgic to the grown-up antics that replace them, these stories remind us that Thanksgiving is a tapestry woven with the threads of laughter, love, and ever-evolving traditions.

And don't forget the Recipe for Laughter!

So, grab a seat at the table, dear reader, and let the Joyful Gratitude Jamboree begin! It's a celebration of the lighter side of Thanksgiving, where stories take center stage, laughter echoes through the air, and the joy of gratitude becomes the star of the show.

And...don't forget to ditch the drama this holiday season!


Here are a few ideas to help you embrace Joyful Gratitude Jamboree!

Family Feud – Thanksgiving Edition: Share stories of friendly family rivalries or hilarious game nights that turned into unforgettable traditions. Whether it's the infamous annual football game that gets a bit too competitive or the heated Pictionary showdown that has everyone in stitches, these moments of friendly competition add an extra dash of spice to the holiday.

Thanksgiving Mishaps and Memories: We Invite you to reminisce about those Thanksgiving moments that didn't quite go as planned. From burnt turkeys to epic food fights, everyone has a story to tell. We encourage to share your own mishaps, turning potential disasters into cherished memories and proving that sometimes the best stories come from the unexpected.

Turkey Talk – A Comedic Chronicle: Explore the humorous side of Thanksgiving preparations. Whether it's the first attempt at cooking a turkey, the hilarious mishaps in the kitchen, or the comical tales of a mischievous pet trying to sneak a bite, these anecdotes showcase that even when things go awry, laughter is the best seasoning.

Thanksgiving Through the Ages: Take a stroll down memory lane by sharing tales of Thanksgiving traditions that have evolved over the years. From the quirky customs of childhood to the grown-up antics that have replaced them, these stories demonstrate the joy of adapting and embracing change while keeping the holiday spirit alive.

Gratitude Games:

Spice up the celebration with some gratitude-themed games that bring joy and laughter to the table. Whether it's a Thanksgiving-themed charades or a gratitude scavenger hunt, these activities add an extra layer of fun to the festivities and create lasting memories for everyone involved.

Recipe for Laughter: Share your favorite funny Thanksgiving recipes – not for the food, but for laughter! Include hilarious conversation starters, playful table decorations, or even a list of Thanksgiving-themed jokes. Because let's face it, a hearty laugh is the best seasoning for any holiday gathering.

Remember, the "Joyful Gratitude Jamboree" is all about celebrating the lighter side of Thanksgiving, turning heartwarming tales and funny traditions into the star attractions of the holiday season!

OH....and if you feel so inclined, please share your your holiday Joyful Gratitude Jamoboree with us!


Recipe for Laughter!

If the above ideas weren't enough to create a season of laguhter. Are you ready to whip up a storm of joy in your holiday gathering? Look no further than our Giggle-Inducing Gratitude Pie – a recipe designed to tickle your funny bone and leave your heart lighter than a feather!

Giggle-Inducing Gratitude Pie


1 cup of Silly Jokes

1 heaping scoop of Playful Puns

A pinch of Goofy Stories

2 cups of Whimsical Wordplay

3 tablespoons of Ticklish Tales

Sprinkles of Snort-Worthy Anecdotes (my favorite)

Silly Jokes Delight:

Begin by infusing the mix with a cup of the silliest jokes you can find. This step sets the tone for a laughter-filled feast. Encourage everyone to share their favorite jokes and watch the room light up with smiles.

Playful Puns Extravaganza:

Stir in a heaping scoop of playful puns to add a dash of clever humor. Challenge your guests to a pun-off and see who can come up with the punniest punchline. Warning: uncontrollable giggles may ensue.

Goofy Stories Fusion:

Introduce a pinch of goofy stories, the kind that are so absurd they're almost unbelievable. Encourage storytelling, and let the laughter rise as each person shares their most hilariously exaggerated tale.

Whimsical Wordplay Magic:

Whip up a storm of whimsical wordplay. Engage in tongue twisters, word association games, or even create your own family vocabulary. This step adds an extra layer of linguistic fun to your laughter pie.

Ticklish Tales Tornado:

Stir in a generous helping of ticklish tales – those heartwarming stories that never fail to induce belly laughs. Share memorable moments, and let the nostalgia of shared laughter envelop the room.

Sprinkles of Snort-Worthy Anecdotes:

Finish off your laughter pie with sprinkles of snort-worthy anecdotes. These are the stories that catch you off guard, resulting in snorts, guffaws, and maybe a few happy tears. The messier, the better! Maybe have tissues handy...if you know what I mean.

Create a holiday season fun-filled with laughter!


I am Thankful!

As we approach the holiday season, it's easy to get caught up in the picturesque images of Norman Rockwell: the festive table laden with delicious fare, surrounded by family and friends.

Yet, for some of us, our reality might not mirror that scene. We may find ourselves spending this special time alone, far from the comforting embrace of community.

If you're nodding along, feeling the solitude in the midst of a season meant for togetherness, I want you to know – you are not alone. This holiday season might not unfold in the expected way, and that's okay.

I understand that sentiment personally; my family resides in another country, and my closest living relative, my sister, has chosen a path that hasn't included me since the '80s. It's a reality I've grown accustomed to over the years, but it doesn't make it any less poignant.

It tugs at my heart to acknowledge that my sister is out there somewhere, living a life separate from mine. This holiday, I choose to send her blessings, grateful for the connection we share as siblings, despite the physical distance and choices that have shaped our lives.

For this festive season, I'll be surrounded by friends who have become my adopted family. We'll be heading to my husband's workplace, creating our own version of togetherness.

Because, at the end of the day, you make things happen. It's the life in your years that truly matters.

As Abraham Lincoln wisely put it, "It is not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."

So, let's embrace the life in our years, finding joy in the connections we have, even if they aren't the ones we expected. This holiday season, know that you're not alone – you're a part of a community that extends beyond the traditional boundaries, filled with understanding, love, and the warmth of shared moments.


With Thankful & Grateful Heart

My heart overflows with gratitude! I am truly blessed with the warmth of family and the joy of friends. The tapestry of my life is woven with the threads of unforgettable moments in amazing places. Each experience is a treasure, and I find myself endlessly thankful for the richness they bring to my journey.


With Glorious Thankful & Grateful Heart,

Happy Thanksgiving with Joyful Gratitude Jamboree!

Cindy Saylor, Your Cheerleader-in-Chief

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