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ANT Rants

Updated: May 2, 2022

What the heck is an ANT Rant? Guess what folks? You already experienced an ANT and potentially an ANT Rant today. Do not worry about it, we all experience them. You are not alone. Not only have you experienced an ANT, but you also mostly likely have experienced a colony of ANTs. You can go on an ANT Rant first thing waking up. These ANTs are pesky, persistent and predators of your mind. Yes, that is a clue for you. "Predators of your mind". I know you are trying to figure out what the heck I am talking about. Well...I am having so much fun stringing you along. I am kind of creating an ANT RANT by messing with you. Which is fun but not really nice of me. ANT RANTs are not nice, and it is wrong for me to keep you wondering.

ANTs and RANTs - Here is What they Are NOT!

It is not the type of ANTs you may be thinking. It is not you Ranting about the ANT that takes over your picnic table after you placed all the beautiful food out for your picnic. Nor, is it the colony of ANTs that are taking over the crack in your sidewalk. While you hope the colony will fix the crack. AND....No it is not the ANTs that made it to your second story bathroom. These ANTs are certainly adventurists and determined for sure. These and so many other ANTs are not the type of ANTs I am talking about.

Okay, I am going to string you along for a little longer. Just a little!

Before we get started lets sing along to the nursey rhymes that helped so many us start to count our numbers. It was a catchy tune of the melody based on the civil war song "When Johnny Comes Marching Home"

"The Ants Go Marching"
The ants go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah. The ants go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah. The ants go marching one by one, the little one stops to suck his thumb. And they all go marching down, To the ground, to get out of the rain. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!
…two…tie her shoe… …three….climb a tree… …four…shut the door… …five…take a dive… …six…pick up sticks… …seven…pray to heaven… …eight…check the gate… …nine…check the time… …ten…say “The End!

As cute as this song is and allows a few of us to walk down memory lane, singing the song with our children. These are not the ANTs I am talking about. And hopefully I shared a song to a few of you to sing with your children. I know for sure I dated myself with this song, like I do with so many things I share with you.

ANTs as pesky as they can be or cute as in the song above. I am talking about the ANTs that take over your mind. One pesky ANT is okay at a picnic or with in our thoughts. It is when the full colony of ANTs show up that we do not take too kindly. They take over the picnic table once you bring out the food.


Same thing happens with our minds. The colony of ANTs take over and we experience one negative thought after another negative thoughts and by the time you are aware of what is happening. You have experienced a RANT. Random negative thoughts running the narrative and dialog in your mind.

The ANTs that I am talking about are Automatic Negative Thoughts. Get it....ANT.
The R in RANT stands for Random. But can also stand for Repetitive, Ridiculous, Rambling…etc.

Dose of Honest! I certainly have experienced ANTs and RANTS in the fifty years on this planet. And 99.9% those thoughts were not accurate. They were not true. I spent a great deal of my time and energy allowing RANTs to occur through out my day. From the time I woke up to getting ready for work, at work, about colleagues, people driving their cars…..the list goes on.

Does this sound familiar? I am sure it does. One thing I know for sure after presenting on this topic to thousands of individuals at events and conferences. ANTs do not discriminate. Nope..they do not! No matter the age group, demographics, ethnic backgrounds, rich and poor. ANTs do not discriminate.

Come on! Be honest, have you experienced an ANT RANT. You may be experiencing one right now. Maybe first this moring your ANT RANT help you start your day.

Here is a quote from Ghani. It all starts with a thought. I love this quote and it a good reminder for use to understand that everything starts with a thought. Can it really be that simple? I have asked my self that question over and over to come up with the same answer…YES!

Keep your Thoughts positive, because your Thoughts become your words.
Keep your Words positive, because your Words be become your behavior
Keep you Behavior positive, because your Behavior becomes your Habits
Keep your Habits positive, because your Habits becomes your Values
Keep your Values positive, because your Values becomes your Destiny

It is all about our destiny. And the way things were going for me, my destiny looked bleak. I made the decision to change my thought process. I become the exterminator of my negative thoughts. I investigating them and I am living an ANT free life.

A few tips to overcome, combat or stomp out your ANTs and ANT RANTs. I prefer to STOmP out my ANTs. A cute visual for me to play with the letter as I spell stomp, by emphasizing the letters spelling STOP. I want to stop the automatic negative thoughts.

How about you!?

Tip #1 Your Thoughts Matter!

Practice accurate (positive) thinking first thing in the morning. You start the narrative in your mind. You have the power to control your thoughts. The healthier your thoughts the better life you will enjoy. Set the intention for your day. Will your day be Happy of Crappy? I know that sounds funny and it is. It gives me a giggle every time I say it. It is true. Set yourself up for success by starting your day in the right mindset.

(PSA - I am not a fan of postive thinking. I promote accurate thinking. To address (positive) in the above statement. There is a big difference which I will explain in another blog).

Embrace the new day with:

This is a beautiful new day!

I am going to make a difference in someone’s life today!

Today is a glorious day for me to shine!

I am going to have the best day of my life.

Thank you for this beautiful day! I will not let this day be wasted on negativity.

There is one thing about singing a cute children song, that is harmless. Or coming up with cute phrases. Do not let your thoughts get the best of you. Remember, you are in control of your thoughts. Either your mind will rule the day or you rule your day by minding your thoughts.

Tip #2 Be Sherlock Holmes

For some of you, you have heard of Sherlock Holmes, you know exactly what I am asking you to do. And for some of you are asking who is Sherlock Holmes. Or maybe you jumped to googling, Sherlock Holmes. I am asking you to be an investigator.

Yes, ask yourself questions:

Why am I having this negative thought.

What am I doing when this negative thought is occurring?

Is this thought true? Oh… I this is my favorite question. And it has a buddy. Yes, an additional question.

Is this thought or thoughts absolutely true?

Why are these questions my favorite, because there are two answers to these questions? Yes or No. Most likely 99.9% your negative thought is not true! Think about it. Yes…right now take a moment and think about the last negative thought you experienced. Now be honest! Was it true? Yes, or No? Was it absolutely true? Yes, or No?

You know how I feel about honest. I share a good dose of honest in all my posts. This shows that I too have the same experiences as you do. Sure, we all experience things differently. What matters here is being honest with ourselves about our experiences especially when it comes to negative thoughts?

It is important; it is crucial that you become an investigator of your ANTs. Ask questions! Question those little suckers we call ANTs. It is a game changer for sure! It has changed my life in so many ways. I know it will change yours too.

Tip #3

STOmP the madness

Once you notice that you are experiencing an ANT and/or RANT, say ‘STOP’. Say it out loud! You can even throw in a hand gesture by throwing up your hands like a stop sign. My sound silly, but it works. Yep I do it all the time. Stop the random rambling thought. Stop it in its tracks and continue with Tip #2 by questioning and investigating the thought.

For those who have asked at events, what if you are in a public place. Which is a valid question for sure. You can get the same results, by whispering and making a gentle hand motion, but here is the trick. In your mind visualize saying it out loud with conviction and with a hand gesture larger then life. Yep – it works ever time! And of course, I start to investigate. Why in the heck am I experiencing this ANT!?

Tip #4

Be Present

Dose of Honesty - What I have found about myself is most of my ANTs show up when I am not present. I am not focused on the tasks that I must complete, or when I find myself walking around a store aimlessly. Even when I am out for my daily walk, I experience negative thoughts. Now, when I am out walking in nature, my focus should be on all the beauty around me. Well, it isn’t because I am dealing with an ANT RANT.

To be present and by using a one of my examples from above. When out for a walk at your local park or in nature. Look around you and notice the things around you; flowers, trees, birds, other people, kids playing, joggers, wildlife to name a few. Take it all the beauty that surrounds you. You can even make it a game by playing the Eye Spy game. Oh boy, I am dating my self again. Who remembers playing the Eye Spy game growing up? For those who do not know what I am talking about I have a visual that you stopped reading and started googling, Eye Spy game. Am I right?

The Eye Spy Game:

The player who starts picks an object that everyone can see. The player gives the first letter of the object as a clue. For example, if the player chooses a fence, they say, “I spy with my little eye something beginning with F. Players take turns to call out questions until someone gets the right answer.

It is a game for more than one person. However, you can modify this game for one person. Yes, you can. You can challenge yourself to play this game while out walking. The main reason you are playing this game is to be present. This game is a great training tool to teach yourself to be present.

Plus, you will gain so much out of playing this game while out on your walks. You will realize that you have been missing out on a lot while walking in nature or at the park allowing your mind to ramble. Try it alone or with your partner. This is a game of mental fitness. Which we must do more of.


Four wonderful tips to help you start your process to STOmPing out your ANTs. With practice you will exterminate your ANTs quickly and be able to move on to living the life you are meant to live. Plus mental fitness exercises to practice daily.

This was a fun project to embark on for you. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to read my blog! One thing for sure is your time is one of your most valuable commodities. And I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog. Thank you!

I certainly hope you gained insight on your thoughts matter. You have full control of your thoughts. You are in control of your narrative and dialog. I hope you learned something valuable. Show your support by liking or loving this post and leaving a comment. I really want to hear what you experienced.

Are you disembarking your old voyage about ANTs running havoc in your life and embarking on a new voyage, to investigate and question your automatic negative thoughts? Please tell me that you are making this shift in your life! STOmP the madness and start thriving!

Stay Mindful!


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