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2024: Becoming Your Best Friend Forever – A New Year, A New You! Special Edition WLG Weekly Vol 2 Week 1

Updated: Jan 9

WLG Weekly Vol 2 Week 1
2024: Becoming Your Best Friend Forever – A New Year, A New You! Special Edition WLG Weekly Vol 2. Week 1.

Welcome to an empowering edition of Women Living Gloriously Weekly!

Today, we're diving into the realms of a 2o24: Becoming Your Best Friend Forever – A New Year, A New You! Because this year you decide to ditch the drama, stop the madness, and to embrace the joy of becoming your authentic self! 2024 is all about YOU!


WLG Vol 2 Week 1
WLG Vol 2 Week 1 - Sparkler

Hey there, my New Year enthusiasts!

Brace yourselves for a game-changer as we dive headfirst into the new year on a fresh, vibrant note – and this time, it's all about intentions, baby!

Forget about the usual resolutions; we're flipping the script and gearing up to explore the transformative power of setting intentions instead of goals.

Are you ready to start setting INTENTIONS for 2024!? I don't know about you, I am ready to do something different.

Fellow seekers of growth and positive change! As we step into the promising realm of 2024, let's embark on a transformative journey by shifting our focus from conventional goals to the profound realm of intentions.

Einstein once said that expecting different results while doing the same thing is the definition of insanity. So, why not break free from the cycle of routine and embrace the extraordinary? This year let's dare to be different, to dream bigger, and to set intentions that align with our deepest desires.

In the spirit of "New Year, New You," let's redefine our approach to personal development. Instead of rigidly outlining specific achievements, let's delve into the essence of what we truly want to manifest in our lives – let's set intentions.

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's timeless quote encapsulates the essence of taking intentional steps towards one's aspirations. It speaks to the transformative power of commitment and initiative.

By emphasizing the importance of starting and taking bold action, Goethe highlights that in the act of beginning, there is not only a demonstration of personal determination but also an unlocking of untapped potential.

The notion of boldness carrying genius, power, and magic suggests that there is something extraordinary in the act of initiation – a force that goes beyond the immediate action and has the potential to create a ripple effect of positive change.

In the context of setting intentions for the New Year, this quote encourages us to embrace our dreams, take that first step, and trust in the transformative journey that unfolds when we commit to our aspirations.



Intentions are like the guiding stars that lead us toward our aspirations. They're not confined by rigid timelines or strict parameters. Instead, they flow with the rhythm of our lives, allowing for flexibility and growth along the way. By setting intentions, we open ourselves up to a world of possibilities, inviting positive energy and mindful living into our daily existence.

As we bid farewell to the old and welcome the new, let's make a conscious choice to break free from the shackles of routine resolutions. Let's empower ourselves by setting intentions that resonate with our passions, values, and the authentic self we aspire to become.

So, what does it mean to set intentions? It means embracing the journey as much as the destination, finding joy in the process, and cultivating a mindset that fosters continuous growth. It's about aligning our actions with our values and allowing the universe to unfold its wonders in response to our heartfelt intentions.

As we stand at the threshold of a brand-new year, let's challenge ourselves to think beyond the conventional and embrace the magic of intentions. Whether it's cultivating a sense of gratitude, fostering stronger connections, or pursuing personal well-being, let's make 2024 a year of purposeful living.

Join the movement—let's be intentional about our dreams, our actions, and our lives. Here's to a year of self-discovery, resilience, and the limitless potential that unfolds when we set our intentions ablaze.

Cheers to 2024 – the year we redefine ourselves through the power of intention!


WLG Weekly Vol 2 Week 1
WLG Weekly Vol 2 Week 1 - The LIght, The Spark that we carry!

 Igniting the Inner Spark: Embracing Your BFF Within in 2024

In the cosmic dance of the universe, there exists an ethereal light, a spark so uniquely yours that it holds the power to illuminate the path to your deepest desires. It's the essence of your being, the unwavering flame that whispers of your dreams and potential.

As we step into 2024, let's embark on a journey to rediscover, nurture, and unleash that inner radiance – for it is the key to becoming your Best Friend Forever.

Deep within the recesses of your soul resides a knowing, an idea that transcends the ordinary. It's the untapped potential, the reservoir of creativity, and the reservoir of courage that lies dormant until awakened. We often sense it, a flicker in the darkness, a fleeting thought that we may not always heed or illuminate.

This New Year let's make a pact with ourselves to befriend that inner spark. It's about recognizing the brilliance within, acknowledging the dreams that beckon, and daring to believe that you possess the power to turn those dreams into reality.

Becoming your Best Friend Forever is an intimate dance with self-belief and trust, a celebration of your uniqueness and the incredible potential that resides within you.

As we set intentions for the year ahead, let's cultivate a deeper connection with our inner BFF.

Trust in the wisdom it holds, listen to its whispers, and honor the journey it urges you to embark upon. It's a pledge to be fearless in pursuit of your aspirations, to light up the darkest corners of doubt, and to embrace the magic that unfolds when you trust the brilliance within.

In the tapestry of life, your inner spark is the vibrant thread that weaves through every experience, every challenge, and every triumph. It's a source of resilience, an eternal flame that refuses to be extinguished.

So, let 2024 be the year you not only acknowledge but fully embrace the radiant force within. Your Best Friend Forever is waiting to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and the extraordinary.

Let's embark on this adventure together, lighting up the path ahead with the brilliance of our inner spark.


WLG Weekly Vol 2 Week 1
WLG Weekly Vol 2 Week 1 Setting Intentions

Setting intentions for the new year involves thoughtful reflection and a commitment to aligning your actions with your values and aspirations.

Here are a few ideas to help you set meaningful intentions for 2024:

  1. Reflect on Your Values: Take some time to identify and reflect on your core values. What matters most to you? Whether it's personal growth, relationships, well-being, or something else, understanding your values provides a foundation for setting intentions that resonate with your authentic self. **list provided below to get you juices flowing

  2. Visualize Your Ideal Year: Close your eyes and envision your life at the end of 2024. What does success look like to you? Picture the various aspects of your life – personal, professional, relationships, health, etc. Use this visualization to identify the areas where you want to set intentions. Write your future vision down in detail and feel your excitment that it is already yours! Write down how it feels that it is already yours?

  3. Create a Vision Board: Compile images, quotes, and symbols that represent your goals and aspirations for the year. A vision board serves as a visual reminder of your intentions and can be a powerful tool to keep you focused and motivated. While creating your vision board, tap into your feelings. How does it feel that is is already yours?

  4. Set Positive Affirmations: Craft positive affirmations that align with your intentions. These affirmations can serve as daily reminders of the mindset you want to cultivate and the goals you want to achieve. Repeat them regularly to reinforce a positive and intentional mindset. **see sample affirmations below to help you get your juices flowing.

  5. Prioritize Self-Care: Consider setting intentions related to self-care and well-being. Whether it's committing to regular exercise, mindfulness practices, or maintaining a healthy work-life balance, prioritizing self-care can have a profound impact on various aspects of your life. **I intend to....

  6. Break Down Larger Goals: If you have big aspirations for the year, break them down into smaller, manageable steps. This makes your intentions more achievable and allows you to celebrate milestones along the way. Map out your ideas monthly, weekly and even daily. Focus on why these aspirations are important to you. What is the WHY behind your aspirations? Write down your WHY!

  7. Set SMART Goals: Ensure your intentions are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound (SMART). This framework can help you create clear and actionable intentions that are more likely to lead to successful outcomes.

  8. Focus on Relationships: Consider setting intentions related to your relationships. Whether it's strengthening existing connections, fostering new ones, or improving communication, placing emphasis on meaningful connections can greatly enhance your overall well-being.

  9. Embrace a Growth Mindset: Make a commitment to embrace challenges, learn from setbacks, and view failures as opportunities for growth. Adopting a growth mindset can positively impact your approach to various aspects of life. Flip your script! Changing words like problems to possibilities, obstacles to opportunities

  10. Practice Gratitude: Integrate gratitude into your daily routine. Setting an intention to express gratitude regularly can shift your focus towards the positive aspects of your life, fostering a sense of contentment and fulfillment. Ask yourself what well today? What can I do tomorrow to be better? Practice 1% better everyday!

Remember, setting intentions is a personal and flexible process. Tailor these ideas to fit your unique aspirations and values, and allow room for adjustments as the year unfolds.


Values are deeply held beliefs that guide our behavior and decision-making.

Here is a list of values that you might consider when reflecting on your own:

  1. Authenticity: Being true to oneself and expressing genuine thoughts and feelings.

  2. Integrity: Acting with honesty and moral principles, maintaining consistency in words and actions.

  3. Respect: Treating others with kindness, consideration, and recognizing their worth.

  4. Compassion: Showing empathy and understanding towards others, especially in times of difficulty.

  5. Responsibility: Taking ownership of one's actions and obligations.

  6. Courage: Facing challenges and adversity with bravery and resilience.

  7. Gratitude: Appreciating and acknowledging the positive aspects of life and the contributions of others.

  8. Humility: Recognizing one's strengths without arrogance and being open to learning from others.

  9. Empathy: Understanding and sharing the feelings of others, and being sensitive to their needs.

  10. Kindness: Performing acts of generosity and goodwill towards others.

  11. Teamwork: Collaborating with others towards a common goal and valuing collective success.

  12. Innovation: Embracing creativity and continuous improvement in personal and professional pursuits.

  13. Balance: Striving for equilibrium in various aspects of life, including work, relationships, and personal well-being.

  14. Flexibility: Adapting to change with an open mind and adjusting to new circumstances.

  15. Independence: Valuing self-reliance and the ability to make decisions autonomously.

  16. Open-mindedness: Embracing diverse perspectives and being receptive to new ideas.

  17. Patience: Enduring difficulties with a calm and composed demeanor.

  18. Justice: Promoting fairness and equity in personal and societal contexts.

  19. Love: Cultivating deep affection and emotional connection with oneself and others.

  20. Optimism: Maintaining a positive outlook and hopeful attitude, even in challenging situations.

  21. Self-discipline: Exercising control over one's actions and behaviors for personal growth.

  22. Purpose: Living with a sense of meaning and direction, aligned with personal values.

  23. Adventurousness: Embracing new experiences and stepping out of comfort zones.

  24. Environmental Consciousness: Valuing sustainability and making choices that minimize environmental impact.

  25. Spirituality: Nurturing a connection to a higher power or embracing spiritual beliefs.

Reflecting on these values can help you identify the principles that resonate most with you, guiding you in setting intentions that align with your authentic self.

Remember that personal values may evolve over time, and it's essential to reassess them periodically.


Affirmations are positive statements that can help cultivate a positive and focused mindset. Here are a few affirmations you can use to support various aspects of your life:

  1. For Self-Love:

  • "I am worthy of love and respect."

  • "I embrace my uniqueness and celebrate who I am."

  1. For Confidence:

  • "I trust in my abilities and believe in my potential."

  • "I am confident in my capacity to achieve my goals."

  1. For Abundance:

  • "I attract prosperity and abundance into my life."

  • "Every day, I am becoming more open to the abundance of the universe."

  1. For Health and Well-being:

  • "I am grateful for the health and vitality that flows through me."

  • "My body is a temple, and I treat it with love and care."

  1. For Resilience:

  • "I am resilient in the face of challenges, and I emerge stronger."

  • "Obstacles are opportunities for growth, and I welcome them with an open mind."

  1. For Positivity:

  • "I choose joy and positivity in every moment."

  • "My thoughts are a powerful force for good, and I focus on the positive."

  1. For Focus and Productivity:

  • "I am fully present in each task, and I accomplish my goals with ease."

  • "I trust in my ability to stay focused, even in the midst of distractions."

  1. For Relationships:

  • "I attract positive and fulfilling relationships into my life."

  • "I communicate with kindness and understanding in my relationships."

  1. For Courage:

  • "I am brave, and I face fear with confidence and strength."

  • "Every step I take is a courageous step toward a better life."

  1. For Mindfulness:

  • "I live in the present moment and appreciate the beauty around me."

  • "My mind is calm, my body is relaxed, and I am at peace."

Feel free to tailor these affirmations to suit your personal preferences and goals.

Repeat them regularly, especially in moments of self-doubt or challenge, to reinforce a positive and empowered mindset.


WLG Weekly Vol 2 Week 1
WLG Weekly Vol 2 Week 1 - Hello 2024!


In conclusion, as we stand on the threshold of a new chapter in our lives, the choice to set intentions rather than goals unveils a profound and transformative path forward.

Intentions are not confined by the rigidity of specific achievements or deadlines; instead, they invite us into a realm of purposeful living, mindfulness, and boundless possibilities.

Choosing intentions is an acknowledgment of the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of our journeys. It is an embrace of the process, a commitment to growth, and a recognition that true fulfillment is found not just in the destination but in the steps, we take along the way.

Goals often come with the weight of expectations and the potential for disappointment when circumstances deviate from our plans. In contrast, intentions provide a flexible framework that adapts to the twists and turns of life, fostering resilience and an unwavering sense of self.

As we navigate the uncharted waters of the future, setting intentions becomes a compass that guides us towards the life we genuinely desire.

It encourages us to listen to the whispers of our authentic selves, to dance with the rhythm of our passions, and to savor the richness of each moment.

So, let's bid farewell to the familiar resolutions and embrace the extraordinary journey of intentions. Let's allow our aspirations to bloom organically, shaping our experiences and shaping us in return.

In setting intentions for the coming year, we are not just crafting a roadmap; we are co-creating a narrative of purpose, fulfillment, and self-discovery.

May 2024 be the year we illuminate our lives with the brilliance of our intentions, allowing the journey to be as magnificent as the destination. Here's to a year of intentional living, growth, and the limitless possibilities that unfold when we choose the path of purpose.

Cheers to a year that reflects the true essence of who we are and who we aspire to become!


With Glorious Love,

Cindy Saylor, Your Cheerleader-in-Chief

Becoming Your Best Friend Forever – A New Year, A New You!"

WLG Weekly Vol. 2 Week 1 Special Edition 2024

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