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A Call for Curiosity
& Courage 
Keynote Experience

Curiosity killed! Or did it?


Starting with... Be Inquizitive!

Be inquizitive like a super sleuth! Let's unleash our inner detectives and start asking empowering questions. As Maya Angelou once said, "You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." So, let's explore the vastness of our minds, sparking new ideas, and curiosity will be our compass.

Get Curious, Have Courage, and Embrace Creativity!

Let's embark on an event filled with endless possibilities and seize every opportunity it brings! Awareness 

Curiosity killed the cat!  ...Did it!?

The problem with this statement is:

The problem with the statement "Curiosity killed the cat" is that it implies that curiosity is dangerous or harmful. It can create a fear of trying new things and exploring the unknown, ultimately hindering our personal growth and fulfillment.

Curiosity is our greatest ally on the path to self-discovery and growth. It's the spark that lights up our passions and leads us to exciting adventures.

Curiosity is our SUPERPOWER, and with it, we can CONQUER anything!   

...and finally!
 To Evolve!

Techniques for Cultivating Curiosity: Participants will learn various methods to nurture curiosity in their daily lives and embrace it as a catalyst for personal growth.

...and use those technigues to emerse themselves and create an event experience. 

Embrace every opportunity to grow, to learn, and to embrace change.

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey of curiosity and courage?

Today, we're raising the bar, and we're raising it high! Get ready to immerse yourselves in a world of INQUIZITIVE minds, INNOVATION, and the powerful ability to EVOLVE with renewed PASSION!

From the moment you step into this event, let CURIOSITY be your GUIDE,  and your SECRET WEAPON.

It's time to unleash your inner detective, to ask those empowering questions that ignite the flames of wonder within you. Let's be the investigators of what is to come, exploring the vastness of possibilities with each step we take throughout this event. 


Stomping OUT the "Stigma" of Mental Health

Presenter with a Purpose!

I Stand for Womens Mental Wellness

It's high time we usher in a paradigm shift in our approach to brain health and mental well-being!  The clarion call of the Mental Health Crisis resounds loudly, its figures surging even prior to and amidst the pandemic. But there's a beacon of hope: Cindy is at the forefront, spearheading an innovative movement known as "Stomp OUT the Stigma."

Let's shatter the chains of the stifling stigma enveloping mental health.


The moment has come to engage in candid discussions about our well-being, free from shame and apprehension. It is our personal responsibility to proactively foster and nurture our mental health.

Cindy Saylor is on a resolute mission to revolutionize lives through her highly sought-after presentation and program, "Stop RANTing & Start Living." With unparalleled wisdom, she imparts invaluable strategies for conquering Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs) at events, symposiums, corporate gatherings, and enlightening workshops.

Her impact is undeniable. Cindy has empowered an extensive array of individuals and visionary entrepreneurs, steering them toward prosperity by embracing brain health and heightened mental consciousness. Now, let me inquire: Amidst the resonating discourse on the Mental Health Crisis, how are you actively cultivating Mental Wellness?

The time for action is upon us! Cindy is readily available to effect transformative change in various arenas:

  • Virtual Events and Summits

  • In-person Conferences & Retreats

  • Tailored Specialty Workshops and Enlightening Panel Discussions

  • Engaging Podcast Interviews & Live Sessions in Facebook Groups

Together, let's forge a world wherein mental well-being assumes paramount significance. Initiate contact with Cindy and partake in the evolutionary odyssey toward a healthier, more empathetic future. Seize the day and enact change today!

#stompoutthestigma #presenterwithapurpose


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"Believing in yourself is truly what the journey of life is all about.

A personal connection to your  inner spirit is truly a Devine relationship to experience." 

Official Bio for Cindy Saylor

An Inspirational Journey!

Cindy Saylor is a steadfast advocate for women and caregivers, channeling her passion into SaylorsJourney, a coaching venture focused on brain health, mental fitness, and holistic growth. With an impressive three-decade background in the Hospitality Industry, Cindy's dedication to serving others finds new purpose as she uplifts women and caregivers, helping them triumph over unique challenges and prosper both personally and professionally.

Cindy's own journey, marked by triumph over dyslexia, serves as a beacon of resilience and achievement, inspiring those who face similar obstacles. As a Practitioner of Neuro Linguistics, Neuroencoding Specialist, Brain Health Educator, and Mental Fitness Coach, her story illustrates the potential for growth through persistence.

Beyond her coaching role, Cindy's impactful leadership extends to her involvement as a former Denver Mayors Commissioner, advocating for the GLBT community, and a former President of the LGBT Chamber of Commerce. This experience enriches her ability to guide women and caregivers on their distinct paths.  Cindy propels positive change forward.


Her commitment to mental well-being is exemplified through her partnership with Dr. Amen's "STOMP OUT THE STIGMA" movement, further showcasing her dedication to supporting women and caregivers who often prioritize others over themselves.

When not captivating audiences with her dynamic presentations, Cindy finds solace in nature alongside her husband and two rescue pups. Together, they explore hiking trails, finding rejuvenation in the great outdoors.

Cindy Saylor's journey epitomizes compassion, empowerment, and unwavering support for women and caregivers. As they navigate their paths, Cindy provides steadfast guidance, unwavering encouragement, and an unshakable belief in their capacity to forge fulfilling lives and leave a positive mark on the world. 

What they are SAYing about Cindy Saylor


Cindy's been honored to have been a speaker at a number of events, and have met some amazing human beings. She is deeply grateful for their willingness to share their experiences. Scroll below and see what a few of them had to say.

When Cindy speaks, the audience listens. Something about her voice and delivery captivates listeners from start to finish. I would recommend Cindy for any speaking opportunity where the goal is for attendees to receive hope and become inspired.


Invite Cindy to Speak at Your Next Event.

Speaking Engagement Booking:

Cindy's "A Call for CURIOSITY & COURAGE" A Keynote Experience promises to engage the participants to be INQUIZTIVE, INNOVATIVE during the event or conference. to ultimately EVOLVE personally and professional. 


Cindy's  “Stop Ranting & Start Living” program can be delivered to live in-person, virtual, and hybrid settings. She prefers to stay within the U.S. for live events at this time and offers reduced rates for local Colorado nonprofit opportunities.

Need an Emergency Replacement?  Cindy Saylor enjoys filling-in when podcast and interview hosts suddenly discover their speaker or guest are unavailable.  Send a text message or call Cindy Saylor when an emergency arises and, when scheduling permits, she will happliy fill in the gap.

24-Hour Guaranteed Reply: Contact Cindy using the method that’s most comfortable for you. Cindy replies to all speaking invitations herself, usually in just an hour or two, but certainly within any 24 hour period.

Phone:  720-530-5059 (Send Cindy a text message to see if

she is available for a call or leave a voicemail for prompt reply).

Send her an email or submit your request to schedule a day and time that’s convenient for you to discuss your speaking opportunity with Cindy.

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