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Personal & Professional Development Courses

Saylor's Journey offers courses from Amen University

Learn from one of Cindy's mentors and teachers, Dr. Danial G. Amen, MD.  Cindy is one of his Certified Brain Health Educators. She is providing you with direct access to his programs to take at your leisure. She knows she cannot be every where teaching these courses and wants to make them accessible to you. 

Part of Cindy's mission is to make courses like these available to everyone.  

There no time like the present to start taking  brain & mind health serious. 

With a Healthy Brain you have Healthy Thoughts. 

Courses for Children, Teens, Young Adults & Professionals 

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This course is designed to help you understand the essentials of better brain health to help you nurture, protect, and improve your developing mind.

You will also learn how to better take care of your brain to improve your relationships and your academic and work performance. By joining us in this course, you’ll gain imperative knowledge to: Slow the rate of brain aging and work toward achieving your goals. Avoid the not-so-obvious bad brain habits – and passive thoughts. Modify your lifestyle and diet to optimize brain function.

***Earn College Credits***

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This course will help you to improve your own career, or you can utilize it for your organization’s wellness program.

By optimizing brain health, BrainFit for Work & Life provides individuals and organizations with a detailed roadmap for building and sustaining a mentally energized, successful workforce. Based on neuroscience, this scientifically engineered course can help your employees and team become mentally stronger, sharper, and faster — and become more productive by enhancing their brain and your business.

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Give your children a huge head start in everything they do by teaching them to love and care for their brains and minds. This fun, interactive course helps preschoolers, kindergarteners, and first graders understand how important their brain health is now and as they grow.

A child's brain is the most amazing organ in the known universe. Learn how to feed, move, and rest your brain so it grows. Every single thing they do, say, think, and feel is because of how their brain works. Even how you taste, see, and smell happens because of how your brain works! Learn how amazing your brain is and how to protect it.

Individualize Courses

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Moving forward and healing can be hard. Where do I start? What does a plan look like? How do I do this? It all can be overwhelming. That stops now. It’s easy, affordable, and provides you with results. There is a program for you and here is why you can’t live without it.
Mental health is really brain health. With a healthy brain, you improve your mood, thoughts, feelings, and your whole life. Learn the 11 major risk factors that may be contributing to anxiety, depression, and more, and discover strategies to prevent or heal from them. 

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A Comprehensive Guide Towards Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders.

This Program helps to facilitate progress toward loved ones with ASD. The search for answers can be a difficult one. This course thrives by providing information from real doctors and industry experts. Delivering the most knowledgeable remedies and information right to you. Understanding Autism is the first step. 

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You are not stuck with the brain you have.  You can make it better and we can help you!

Throughout the course you will develope a deeper understanding of how your brain works and the importance of respecting and loving your brain. 

As well as learning the specific steps you can take to change and optimize your brain and improve your life.   

Many of us have a struggle only we know about. It's hard to admit you need help and we understand that. That's why we created this course. 

Mastermind Class (12 week program)

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Don't let forgetfulness and brain fog hold you back.

This course has been curated by some of the world's top memory doctors and brain health experts. Reverse time, reclaim your memory and keep your cherished memories for all time.

Throughout the course, there will be instances where you can assess your memory. The Memory Rescue assessment helps to create a baseline and track progress through the course. 

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Move Forward and Thrive with ADHD.

The breakthrough online course to help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the 7 types of ADD/ADHD to promote a happy healthy life.

ADHD can control so much of our lives. The distraction. The forgetfulness. The frustration. The thoughts, feelings, and actions we take either amplify or soothe ADHD symptoms. Why should ADHD have so much control when there is a way for us to thrive? The process of healing the 7 types of ADHD is easier than ever before with this self-paced online course.

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No one likes not being able to sleep.

What if there was a path toward a great night's sleep? Being unable to turn your brain off as you lie awake at night is exhausting. There's a way to overcome Insomnia and we'll show you how. Unlock the science-based sleep habits to have you sleeping like you deserve to be.

We Understand that sleep means everything. Sleep determines so much of our lives. You deserve to enjoy sleep. Why not join the thousands of people who have successfully beaten insomnia with the Overcoming Insomnia program? Start the course today and tonight you'll already see the difference.

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Creating a healthy lifestyle can be difficult.

We all know it isn't easy.Is there a way forward that gets you motivated toward a better future? Yes, there is! Brain Warrior's Way is a program that teaches you the fundamentals of building a loving relationship with yourself. Improve your well-being and put your future in your hands. Learn to motivate yourself, change your mindset and build toward success. all from this simple-to-follow course, right at home.

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Concussions Can Be Terrifying!

What do you do when you sustain a concussion? What treatment plans are there? It is a very worrisome time. Brain injuries can be devastating yet when effectively treated can be a positive focal point towards a renewed brain-healthy lifestyle with recovery and future health at the forefront.

At Amen University we understand the hardships that Concussions and brain injuries can have on someone. 


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Take the first step to start feeling happier today. 

Are you tired of feeling down, unfulfilled, or unhappy in your life? Have you tried countless methods to find more joy but still haven't found contentment? Our 30-Day Happiness Challenge has the answer you've been looking for. Based on the latest brain science, this online course has already helped tens of thousands of individuals and employees achieve a brighter outlook and a happier life. It can help you, your family, and your company, too.

Courses for Mental Health Providers & Speakers

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Learn How To Implement The Amen Clinics Method In Your Clinic or Practice

Success in anything you do starts with an optimized brain. Dr. Amen created an accredited certification course that will show you the techniques and methodologies for teaching brain health to your patients. After successfully completing the course exam, you will become an Amen Clinics Certified Brain Health Professional. Our Amen Clinics Certified Brain Health Professionals receive in-depth training on a multitude of conditions ranging from ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, memory issues, mood disorders, brain trauma, sleep disorders, weight issues, and so much more.

***Earn 50 CE Credits***

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Boost Your Brain, Mood, Energy, and Focus, Then Teach It to Others.

Daniel Amen, MD created Brain Health Licensed Trainer Course so that you would learn how to take care of your brain and then share it with others. The course will give you the content, techniques, and business tools for teaching brain health to those you serve. After successfully completing the course exam, you will become a Dr. Amen Brain Health Licensed Trainer. Help the people who serve businesses, schools, churches, anywhere people gather, have better brains and better lives. There has never been a time in history where this content is more relevant. People who take and teach this course improve their focus, creativity, resilience, happiness, overall health and so much more.

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