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About Cindy Saylor


Cindy is overcoming her learning disability, Dyslexia.  She is learning to live a better life with Dyslexia instead of allowing her disability to control her life.  She has flipped the script on her learning disability.  As she will tell you, Dyslexia has nothing on her.  


Her unique style of connecting with audiences and  her clients intuitively creates rapid personal change that effectively moves people to take more consistent action to achieve their personal achievements.

​As a driven humanitarian Cindy’s most recent project is the development of a movement to Stomp Out the "Stigma" to shift the way mental health is viewed around the world.  She stands for WOMEN MENTAL WELLNESS! 

At her core, Cindy is an expert in coaching and mentoring individuals to overcome bad beliefs, behaviors from inner and outer obstacles that may impede their results to making better decisions in life, to succeeding in life and ultimately, to live abundantly in all areas of their life.

Cindy provides you with the skills, confidence, and tools that give you the advantage necessary to prosper in today’s world.  She is a believer in wellness with a positive, proactive, preventive approach with the concept of: when you get your brain right and get your thoughts right you get your life right. 

She named her business Saylor's Journey, because life is a journey with voyages we embark on.  It is her personal journey that makes her the expert in: Be You, Embrace Your Authenticity, Be Your Glorious Self and Live All Your Glory.  She utilizes her personal experiences and stories to guide individuals on their personal & professional growth.  You are on your life's journey and you will be embarking on wonderful voyages, why not make them GLORIOUS!  

When Cindy is not traveling, teaching and presenting, she lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband and two rescue dogs. She enjoys creating crafts, getting her hands dirty gardening, being in nature to sooth her soul, staying active by moving her body either cycling, walking, canoeing and hiking.  She loves cooking healthy meals and she is a water snob. You will get a behind the scenes look into her life when you follow her on Instagram!





"Stay True to Yourself.

People Respond to Authenticity "

Saylor's Story


After 30 years in corporate America, she decided to walk away from the only life she knew, the life that provided security.  A life, that she was told to live.  A life others thought she would be good at.  A life that over time, was not the life she was meant to live.  Even though it was a life of serving others, she truly is meant to be of service, in her way.  In the way she was meant to serve and be fulfilled at the same time.

She knew she was meant to be more, to do more in her life and within her communities. Cindy was searching for a sign when she was led to a passage from her father’s bible.


"Let your light shine for all men to see". Matthew 5:16

This is where it all started for Cindy to be the innovator of her New Life!  Now, she is shining her light brightly!

She knows the true meaning of "Let your light shine for all men to see".   It is the personal connection with her true inner being and trusting herself to guide her to show up as her true beautiful self each and everyday.  

Cindy is Spiritual Leader, Professional Speaker, Brain health Educator, Practitioner Neuro Linguistic, Licensed Neuroencoding Specialist, Master Personal Performance, Mental Wellness Advocate, Reiki Master and a  Kick Ass Sister while in her fifties.  Yes, Cindy started over in her fifties, and it is the best decision she had ever made. of the best decisions she had made.  Life is meant to be lived to the fullest.  And Cindy is  doing exactly that. ​ And she wants that for you! 

She also faced her Dyslexia head on and took her control back.  She was able to Banish her Bad Beliefs about herself. Now, Cindy is doing what she loves to do,  and loving every minute of her life.  It is true what they say!  You will not work a day in your life when you do what you love.​ 

If Cindy can do it, so can you! At any age, you can start LIVING ALL YOUR GLORY!

This is your opportunity to start living your dream life, living the life you're dreamed to live, living the life you are meant to live.  Being the person, you seek to be.  Doing the things, you’ve been dreaming of doing. Creating your Compelling Future is one click away.

Cindy is so excited for you to start living the life you are meant to live.  What are you waiting for?  Let's get started.                     #livingallyourglory

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